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Public Programs by Navgati in Q3 2017
ProgramProgram FocusTarget AudienceDate
Leaders develop LeadersICF certified program for coaches; 8 days spread over 4 months.HR leaders, business leaders, independent consultantsModule 1:
10-11 Aug
Module 2:
7-8 Sep
Module 3:
5-6 Oct
Module 4:
2-3 Nov
Career conversationsHaving developmental conversations with team members; using a strengths based approach; creating powerful development plans.People managers27th June
ChairworkIntroducing practising coaches to the gestalt technique of chairwork; a tool to get clients to dialogue with parts of themselves or people in their lives with the intent of understanding and expressing their own feelings and struggles, and moving towards resolution.People with at least 60 hours of coach training18th July
Strategic thinkingUnderstanding the strategic thinking process and applying models that can be use at work. The workshop uses an engaging simulation to get participants to understand the process of strategic thinking as they are practising it.Managers and technical experts25th July
NLP in coachingIntroducing practicing coaches to powerful techniques drawn from the world of NeuroLinguistic Programming that can be used to help clients bring about the changes they want to achieve in their lives.People with some exposure to coaching3rd Aug
Showtime - Theatre in LearningThis is a complimentary program for members of the L&D community. This quarter we’re focusing on using theatre activities in the classroom and facilitating learning from that experience.HR /L&D folks7th Aug
Telling stories with dataLearning how to use storytelling to present data in an impactful manner.Anyone who needs to influence with data29th Aug
Leading with joyLeveraging the positive emotions of hope, joy, connectedness and gratitude to create an environment where people perform at their best. People managers7th Sep
Branding and networking for women Building a strong personal brand and creating a network for support and growth.Women leaders at all levels22nd Sep

For questions and registrations, please reach out to Deepa at deepa@navgati.in or call +91 98459 75790