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Navgati is a reputed provider of innovative and impactful learning experiences. We help leaders be the best that they can be through our training, coaching and assessment offerings.

Founded in 1999, Navgati has worked with over 500 organisations across industries. We offer over 70 customisable behavioural skills training programs
in the areas of leadership development
, people leadership, coaching, communication, personal effectiveness and facilitation.

We have positively influenced over a 100,000 people through our interventions and over 15000 people get added to this number every year.

While working with Navgati, you will experience the unique combination of the responsiveness of a small company with the breadth of vision and capability normally only available from larger organisations. Any of our clients will be happy to attest to that.

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Psychotherapy: A New Normal | Aruna Gopakumar

For all the good psychotherapy does for people, it has a stigma associated with it: “You must be crazy if you are in therapy.” Aruna Gopakumar makes a case for why everyone, repeat everyone, could do with psychotherapy and why choosing psychotherapy, far from being crazy, is a smart thing to do. Aruna Gopakumar is passionate about helping people realize their fullest potential, she has over the years built expertise in conceptualizing, designing and facilitating creative, powerful and unique learning events. She is a practicing psychotherapist, offering innovative, theme-based therapy groups. She weaves theater and narrative very potently into her therapeutic approach. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx