I wish you wouldn't squeeze so.
said the Dormouse. I can't help it,
said Alice very meekly: I'm growing.
You've no right to grow here,

said the Dormouse.

The core beliefs that guide the creation of all our leadership development interventions, whether training, assessments or coaching are:

  1. We believe that clients are inherently capable of positive growth, a natural implication of this is that we work with clients and not on them.
  2. We invite leaders to be architects of their own growth by cultivating awareness of choices available, the beliefs that may be keeping them stuck, the power they have to make changes and the responsibility that they need to take for the choices made.
  3. It is through an empathetic, accepting relationship set up by the facilitator or leadership coach, that the clients are able to explore their own experience and choose directions for the future. It is this supportive relationship that allows us to fearlessly confront limiting assumptions or blind spots in the leaders we work with.