Coach Knowledge Assessment


Welcome to Navgati’s Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA) sample test page.

What is a CKA? It’s the multiple-choice test that all coaches who want to be ICF accredited coach certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) need to take.

The CKA tests coaches on their understanding of the Core Competencies (click here to download the definitions and behavioural standards for each of the eight competencies –

The actual CKA from ICF has 155 questions presently and the passing grade is 70%. The ICF announced a new set of 8 competencies, and these will start reflecting in the CKA possibly in the second half of 2021. We’re being proactive and this test has questions based on the new ICF competencies.

Please note that the questions in the following pages have been created by us for you to practise. They are not the actual questions you may encounter in your assessment with the ICF.

Few points to note before you begin the sample test:

  •  All the questions are compulsory.
  •  Each question has only one correct answer.
  •  After you finish the assessment, you will get your overall score as a percentage.
  •  We’re not sharing the right answers (to give you an experience similar to the final test)
  • The test is not timed. You could note down the time taken to answer the questions for your own comparison (time allotted by ICF to complete the 155 questions in the CKA is 3 hours; our test has 50

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Wish you all the best!

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