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ICF accredited coach training programs

Navgati ICF Accredited Coach Training programs are a formal mechanism to support leaders as they take on coaching. Our programs blend continuous learning and practise that helps leaders sharpen their skills and understanding of ICF competencies and prepares them for ACC and PCC certification. Our unique format of practice labs gives you a safe space to coach, be coached and receive supervision on coaching.

Program name Duration (days) Focus
Leaders Develop Leaders 8
(64 hours)
An ICF accredited program for leaders to become certified coaches. Meant for first time coaches, it prepares people for ACC certification. Includes 4 days of coaching labs.
Transformational Coaching Extended
(65 hours)
An ICF approved program of duration 64 hours with 32 hours of face-to-face contact sessions and the rest on the phone. This is meant for practicing coaches, and helps them sharpen their understanding of ICF competencies.

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