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Program name Duration (days) Focus
Leaders Develop Leaders 8
(64 hours)
An ICF accredited program for leaders to become certified coaches. Meant for first time coaches, it prepares people for ACC certification. Includes 4 days of coaching labs.
Transformational Coaching Extended
(65 hours)
An ICF approved program of duration 64 hours with 32 hours of face-to-face contact sessions and the rest on the phone. This is meant for practicing coaches, and helps them sharpen their understanding of ICF competencies.
Coaching Supervision Lab 1 A small group experience, designed for practicing coaches to reflect on their own practice. Real coaching sessions are observed by a supervisor who helps the coach to reflect on feelings, motivations, thoughts, behaviour and general approach with the client
Voices in the head 1 Coaches learn to shape their client’s thinking at the level of beliefs. They learn to identify beliefs and then challenge the limiting ones. Develops the ICF competence of Creating Awareness and provides 8 CCE Units
Use of self in coaching 1 This workshop powerfully explores how a coach could use his/her internal processes in service of the client. This is done by supervision moments where a coach feels anxious or provoked. Develops the ICF competence of Coaching Presence, and provided 8 CCE units
NLP in coaching 1 This workshops draws on techniques from NLP that can help coaches create awareness in their clients. These include metamodels and reframing, amongst others. Provides 8 CCE units.
Chair-work in coaching 1 Coaches learn the appropriate use of two-chair work (drawn from gestalt therapy) in their sessions. Develops the ICF competence of Creating Awareness, and provides 8 CCE units