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Anusha Raghunandan

Fidelity Business Services India Pvt Ltd
This has been an intimate personal and professional journey for me. As a coach (professional), my skills were built, polished and sharpened with each theory, each coaching model and each practice hour. As a person, I feel more complete. With each coaching session, I’m become happier, free and light no matter what I’m going through. Even after completing the ACC program, I find it hard to stop going to the labs. Navgati has exposed me to a vast and deep ocean in the name of ACC 

Anuj Gurwara

Director Of Operations at Sherwood Public School
Training with Navgati was an experience I will always be grateful for. I had zero knowledge or experience in coaching, coming from a completely non-corporate background. Honestly, I had no clue what I was getting into. I followed my instinct after a series of conversations with Sunitha and signed up. I'm happy to say that this has been one of the most insightful and therapeautic learning experiences I have gone through. Sunitha is an exceptional trainer & guide and her team has been wonderful to interact with. Travelling to Bangalore every month, from Hyderabad, for a few months was completely worth it. This course has not only given me an insight into the world of coaching, it has also heightened my own sense of empathy towards people around... and if I may add a personal note, helped me heal a large part of myself from within. Thank you!

Aruna RB

HR Business Partner, HR COO at Northern Operating Services Pvt Ltd
I loved the following aspects of the ACC program – the facilitators ability to enable camaraderie in the group from day 1, which, according to me, went a long way in allowing participants to explore and practice coaching authentically.  The sessions were well paced with adequate opportunities to practice during the program and adequate enablement and nudges to keep the practice going outside of the classroom as well.  The supervision provided during practice was sensitive and on-point, enabling me to deepen my self-awareness and be more impactful as a coach. Thank you Navgati !

Ashwini Mrinal Bhagat

Assistant Vice-President (HR), State  Street Services India Pvt Ltd
This journey on Leaders Develop Leaders has been a very unique one , more than it just being a program preparing one for ICF certification , it is about knowing and understanding oneself much deeper than one knows. The program then wonderfully weaves your journey along with coaching concepts leading you to be an inspiring leader. The 8 days has the right mix of content ,1-1 coaching and supervision which prepares you to use coaching as a leadership style ( or should I say it gives you a Life skill!)

Charusmitha Rao 

Senior Manager-Learning,Leadership & OD, Akamai Technologies
‘Leaders develop leaders’ coaching program was truly a life-changing experience for me. Not just because the program is well structured, stimulating and enriching; but also because it is immensely reflective at a personal level as well. The concepts you learn here as part of the program will not just help you blossom as a proficient coach but will be applicable in several aspects of your professional and your personal life. Hence according to me, going through this program is like learning a ‘Life skill’. The 64 hours spread across 8 weeks are designed in a way to have the right blend of concepts and practice. The quality of the collective experience of the Navgati facilitators(Sunitha & Aruna), their understanding of the subject and insights as ‘Coaches’ has been remarkable. It was amazing how they did magic through novel learning methodologies even with such complex and intense topics to make this workshop so experiential (Using of masks, role plays, interactive exercises,metaphors, theatre, psycho drama etc). Individually and as a team they are passionate about what they do and to my mind, leveraging that energy has done wonders for us as a team. 

Deepak Patil

OD Consultant and Executive Coach
It’s been a very valuable experience for me to be helped by Navgati for my ACC certification with ICF. The methodology has been unique. It wonderfully combined conceptual understanding and application. Even as I got opportunity to relate to executive coaching through lenses of Transactional Analysis, GROW and other theories, half of the time we found ourselves sharpening our ability to apply these in actual coaching scenarios in the lab environment under expert supervision. The spread of the course over 4 months also allows for the much needed time to assimilate the knowledge and skills through application in the real time environment back at office or home.

Dhiraj Gosavi

APAC L&D Consultant, Global HR Solutions, Cargill
‘Leaders develop Leaders’ has been a paradigm shift for me in my personal and professional life. My interactions with people have undergone a drastic change while I facilitate training programs. Over two years I have been reaping benefits from this gift given by Navgati.  The framework of this program is such that it helps you to deepen the awareness for self and for others. Moreover, Aruna is a fantastic human being with a magnetic personality and the way she conducts this program forces you to commit. We have got over 30 leaders trained on this program and this has immensely helped us to improve the quality of interactions within the organization.

Madhu Bisht

Head of Business HR , Nokia Networks
Having been introduced to the Coaching world by Navgati,I found their approach to be systematic and very comprehensive. There was a good mix of concepts covered through the learning modules and the practical experience of applying the concepts. Consistent effort is put into internalizing and applying the concepts through the monthly labs where I got to coach and experience coaching. This provided a great platform to hone my skills and to observe and learn from others. There were also individual Mentor -Coaching session which were key to getting very specific feedback from the Mentor Coach based on the coaching session conducted. The encouragement and support provided to gain the skills made the experience all the more enriching.

Nafisa Salati 

HR Business Partner, Akamai Technologies
Leaders Develop Leaders program sets you off on a journey of self awareness and self exploration. The theory sessions help you to understand the key concepts and the practice sessions help you to apply the same concepts in real life situations. The best part is the attention to detail, one of one coaching, supervision that is provided by both Sunitha and Aruna during the practice sessions. The small and focussed group size also helps the participants to get a very personalized experience. I do look forward to helping others unleash their potential with help of the learnings from the program. But before that this session and the coaching I received during this session has made me a better professional. And I hope to continue on this journey. 

Prashant Michael

Asst. Vice President & Head Organization Development – India & Americas at [24]
I attended one of the earliest ACC and PCC training batches conducted by Navgati and these learning have been life changing. A well rounded approach, of blending in concepts and practice labs, was the highlight of the program, this makes one a very potent practicing coach. I have interacted with coaches from different countries and institutes and I must admit that I have found the content of Navgati to be one of the best around. I also love the way evolving concepts are incorporated into the course to make it relevant and contextual. I also want to make a special mention of the trainers, Sunitha and Aruna who seamlessly blend in concepts of psychology as well to make this course extremely powerful. I am looking forward to mentoring future batches run by Navgati.

Raja Perumal

Business Coach and Talent Consultant
Navgati’s ICF coach certification training program is a perfect blend of theory and practice. Foremost , its not simply because of the design of the program , it is so ‘coz of the wonderful facilitation by Sunitha. Warmth, wittiness, depth & loads of experience of the facilitators make the program what it is ! It is superbly designed for back benchers, “not a classroom types” , naysayers - challenges you to come out of your comfort zones by a friendly nudge , just rightly required for a know-it-all adult learner! Not to miss the quality of the participants is equally good , keeps you engaged totally!

Rituparna Dasgupta 

Global Talent & Development leader, Intuit 
There are courses that prepare you for certification and there are courses that prepare you to be a coach…certification then becomes an obvious byproduct from being a successful coach. Navgati to me did the latter. Yes, it certainly made me confident for the certification, but it also prepared me to be a coach for a lifetime. Practical knowledge about coaching, tips on certification, helping us draw the fine line between psychology & business coaching and of course the intuitive Mentor coaching… all put together makes this program a must for anyone wanting to seriously take up coaching. And, oh! Did I forget to mention, if you take as much time as me in applying for the ACC(in spite of having everything ready),Aruna, Sunitha and everyone else at Navgati will take it as their personal goal to help you achieve yours. Thank you once again for helping me build my coaching skills.

Roopasree Ranganna 

Associate Director, First American (India)
ACC Program gave me a platform to learn more about myself and others. This program gave me a deeper understanding of coaching concepts, thought process and structure. It made me aware how it is different from mentoring that I was familiar with. Their lab session where we work on our real time issues helped me to overcome lot of mind blocks that I had myself. Through this program we created a strong network of people who are interested in similar kind of journey in life. I must thank Navgati for making this happen”

Shanti Sharma

Country Learning Head, ANZ
I had been associated with Navgati for several years as they’ve delivered many corporate trainings in my organization, and our folks always loved their sessions. But what intrigued me more was the selfless act of training, teaching, and equipping L&D folks across through the Fraternitea sessions. I thoroughly enjoy the Fraternitea sessions and continue to encourage my team to participate too. I’ve always wanted to get professional training around coaching, and having built the trust in Navgati’s expertise, I decided to take the plunge. I’ve completed both ACC and PCC trainings with Navgati. Sunitha Krishnamurthi and Aruna Gopakumar were splendid mentor coaches for us. The two of them built an amazingly personal connect and would take interest in every participants growth and development. The entire intervention was very well structured and they used very creative and innovative ways to keep us all engaged. I’d highly recommend Navgati for ICF training, and am super excited to be venturing into the TA space with them shortly.

Shonalie Gupta

Head of APAC Learning & Talent Development, Atkins
Sharing some observations from the leaders develop leaders training : The Coach training is very effective in uncovering the ‘who’ part of the coachee. This is traditionally the most complex part so it makes sense to devote more time to this. As a training participant I enjoyed the focus on ‘who’ tremendously as it added to my confidence of having an in-depth, ‘real’ coaching conversation The focus was more on the final impact rather than mindless adherence to a rigid process 

Suja Pramod

Director - Business Transformation, Talent Strategy Fidelity Investments
“Navgati’s coaching program was an eye opening experience that not only warmed me up to the longer term thought of pursuing coaching as a profession, but also opened my mind to the power of coaching as a development and support tool. Most importantly, the practical lab sessions  helped me learn a lot more about myself , my biases and pre-conditioned notions while also realizing the power of letting  people discover their own solutions. The numerous coaching techniques and the introduction to Transactional Analysis were some highlights that were extremely useful. What connects me most to Nagvati’s coaching program is the connect we develop with our coach and facilitators and the support offered through supervision and the coaches network.”


Coach and Holistic Healer, The Happy Circles
I was looking for a Coach training certification and could not find a credible program. I got to know about Navgati through Sunitha. After an introductory session and an experience session, I was convinced. I found their approach to be very grounded and simplistic, devoid of only tools and frameworks. It was deeply rooted in the ICF competencies. The classroom training emphasized a lot of practice. In each of these sessions, we received direct feedback in a very non-judgmental manner, which only helped us improve our skills as a Coach.  What is different about Navgati is that they train you to be an empathetic human being, devoid of judgment while holding the space for the client, focusing on being present in that conversation and offering deep listening to the client. The theory covers simple and effective tools and practical aspects of starting a coaching practice. But the focus is on moving the client forward and not just to hone your knowledge of the tools. The facilitators also have a therapy background. As a result of this, it is evident that they have done a lot of inner work. We found good facilitators and coaches to model ourselves upon. We learn to hold space for clients in an empathetic manner and unconditional positive regard.  I found like-minded peers and we have helped each other grow as Coaches over several months. It has changed my life for the better as I have grown as a person and as a confident Coach. It has been a rewarding and fulfilling journey of personal transformation and growth.  Thank you, Sunitha and the Navgati team. 

Vivasvan Shastri

Director – CX Engineering, Cisco
Navgati has played a pivotal role in my growth as a leader. The coaching competencies that I learnt at Navgati such as active listening, powerful questioning, direct communication, building trust via presence has enabled me to connect and engage and with my team so that we can deliver business outcomes while building one of the most engaged teams.

Yatish Chandrasekhar

Head - Talent Transformation, Lifestyle International Pvt Ltd
The 'Leaders Develop Leaders' is a comprehensive program for anyone desirous of embarking on the journey of Coaching. While it is meant to meet the required number of hours of coach preparation - the ACSTH; Navgati has a way of making it extremely rich in concepts and practical in application - not to mention the fun that both Sunita and Aruna make it to be in their inimitable ways.  A program that is appropriately priced and is highly recommended for every aspiring coach!
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