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Program name Duration (days) Focus
Make your point 2 – 4 days A business communication skills workshop that focuses on understanding the audience, expressing oneself clearly and confidently, being an active contributing member in meetings and writing effective emails.
Act Won 2 A theatre-based program on presentation skills. Participants work with content, structure and delivery to make every presentation an outstanding performance.
Write Right 2 Teaches participants to think before writing. It promotes clear, structured, logical and user-focused writing.
Influencing through storytelling 1 A handy guide to the narrative craft, this program helps leaders to use stories engage their listeners emotionally and make their material memorable.
Precise and powerful 1 Participants learn to communicate to the point using just as many words as necessary. They glean the most vital idea and present it powerfully to relevant stakeholders.
Comma Sense 1 A quick and fun grammar refresher. Delivered through quizzes and games
Body Talk 1 Using techniques from theatre, this workshop helps participants enhance their non-verbal expressiveness by using voices and gestures spontaneously, creatively and confidently.
Functional Fluency 1 Functional Fluency is a model for mapping functional and dysfunctional patterns in communication. Participants become aware of their own natural patterns of reacting and experiment with alternate ways of responding to the same stimulus to see the different outcomes that emerge