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Diversity and Inclusion Programs

Our Diversity and Inclusion training programs are aimed at generating a deeper awareness to the concept of inclusivity and goes beyond the common understanding of diversity as a gender issue alone. We focus on exclusion which is a common phenomenon across gender, generations, skills, geography etc. and through our experiential and reflective sessions we help participants identify the barriers to inclusion and brainstorm on ways to reduce their unconscious biases.

Program name Focus
Ties to Tattoos This experiential program provides insights to understand the values, work styles and ways of communicating of each generation. Participants learn and practice specific skills to identify generaional differences, break through stereotypes, foster respect and create a more productive work environment. Duration – 3 hours
Being an Ally This program is for all who would like to increase their awareness and commitment to creating an inclusive climate for their LGBTQ+ co-workers. The session invites participants into a worldview characterized by acceptance, through which one embraces all the unique, unconventional ways that individuals express themselves, particularly with respect to gender and sexual orientation. In a safe and inclusive learning environment, participantds can ask questions and engage in discussions openly and respectfully. Duration – Half-day
Unconscious Bias A one day workshop that helps participants connect with their unconscious bias in a manner that does not invite defensiveness. Participants walk away with a firm action plan to mitigate the impact of the unconscious bias that their teams may be experiencing. Duration 1 day