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Diversity and Inclusion Programs

Our Diversity and Inclusion training programs are aimed at generating a deeper awareness to the concept of inclusivity and goes beyond the common understanding of diversity as a gender issue alone. We focus on exclusion which is a common phenomenon across gender, generations, skills, geography etc. and through our experiential and reflective sessions we help participants identify the barriers to inclusion and brainstorm on ways to reduce their unconscious biases.

Program name Focus
Ties to Tattoos This experiential program provides insights to understand the values, work styles and ways of communicating of each generation. Participants learn and practice specific skills to identify generaional differences, break through stereotypes, foster respect and create a more productive work environment. Duration – 3 hours
Being an Ally This program is for all who would like to increase their awareness and commitment to creating an inclusive climate for their LGBTQ+ co-workers. The session invites participants into a worldview characterized by acceptance, through which one embraces all the unique, unconventional ways that individuals express themselves, particularly with respect to gender and sexual orientation. In a safe and inclusive learning environment, participantds can ask questions and engage in discussions openly and respectfully. Duration – Half-day
Unconscious Bias A one day workshop that helps participants connect with their unconscious bias in a manner that does not invite defensiveness. Participants walk away with a firm action plan to mitigate the impact of the unconscious bias that their teams may be experiencing. Duration 1 day
True Equity In a recent panel discussion we hosted on “Beyond Tokenism”, several industry leaders in the space of D&I spoke about the need for creating allies in order to support the cause of gender equity.

An ally actively supports gender equity at work and in life. He/she recognizes the challenges and biases that women continue to face and takes intentional steps to build an environment where everyone has opportunities to succeed and advance.

    In this webinar, participants will

  • Deepen their awareness of the challenges women face
  • Develop a balance between sensitivity and over-caution
  • Find ways to be an ally for women in different roles – as a manager, as a peer and as a team member

Duration – 2 hours

Overcoming Micro Inequities

Micro inequities are a term coined by Dr. Mary Rowe in 1973 which built on the micro aggression theory of Chester M. Pierce. These are the quiet, systematic, sometimes hostile, but often unintentional discriminations of being overlooked, ignored, excluded. It is not just the direct participants in a workspace interaction who have a role in micro inequities being played out, but also the peers and bystanders.

The intent of this workshop is to help participants recognize and unlearn the various forms of micro inequities present in their lives.

    In this webinar, participants will

  • Recognize forms of micro inequities that they have faced or been part of.
  • Reflect on the privileges they hold, which might contribute to unintentional discrimination
  • Take accountability for the micro inequities they unconsciously practice
  • Combat micro inequities through proactive action and thought

Duration – 1.5 hours

Fearless Teams (a workshop on psychological safety)
A program that fosters building a culture of inclusion and creating environments where people feel safe and share controversial ideas or talk about mistakes without the fear of blame, shame, or rejection. Participants get to articulate their definition of inclusion and identify factors that contribute to psychological safety and think about how they can reduce conformity in groups they lead. Duration 3 hours + 90 min for conversations in small groups
Inclusive leadership This extended program focuses on building the capacity of leaders to create environments which allows people to feel a sense of belonging while also feeling that their uniqueness is being respected. Our approach focuses on the significant themes when it comes to diversity and inclusion in the workplace – gender differences especially with respect to women, sexual minorities as well as generational differences. However exclusion is not limited to these larger themes. It can manifest in subtle and unconscious ways (language, region, pedigree etc.). Hence, we also focus on overcoming unconscious biases and creating psychological safety.
Duration – 7 VLEs (Virtual Learning Events) of half day each.