She gave herself
some very good advice.
(though she very
seldom followed it)

Executive coaching by ICF certified coaches

Executive Coaching

Coaching is essentially a powerful conversation, a dialogue between a coach and a client within a productive, result-oriented context. It provides a safe space to a client to think out loud on what they believe their potential is, why some of their potential may be unused and what they could do to release it. Often it involves clients examining their goals, agendas, beliefs, values and motivations. The structure of setting aside time for introspection with a neutral champion whose agenda is to further the client’s agenda, makes things happen for the client.

Coaching works because coaches do the following:

  • Explore needs, motivations, skills and thought processes of the client
  • Listen in a profound way
  • Ask questions that cause new thinking and action
  • Identify limits that clients may be placing on themselves
  • Invite clients to generate possibilities and experiment with behavious
  • Hold them accountable to take actions towards real, lasting change

We recommend a minimum of 6 sessions with each candidate, spread over a three to six month period. We initiate the process with a diagnostic exercise that could involve 360 feedback or development centres.

Coaching works only when clients are ready to be coached. For its success, it is imperative that both parties enter into it willingly with clear expectations and agreements on how the process will work. For this we start the process with an orientation session that gives potential clients a clear understanding of the uniqueness of a coaching relationship, so that people sign into the process with full awareness of the roles of all parties concerned. Clear boundaries around confidentiality and termination of the relationship create safety for the participants.