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Dialogue is a way to talk, think, and act together making it possible to work with differences and create possibilities for the future. Navgati, as a process facilitator is a content-neutral party and contributes structure and process to the dialogue, freeing the group members to focus their attention on substantive issues.

Throughout the process, the facilitator will be fully present and totally invisible, holding a space for the group members to search for inclusive solutions and build sustainable agreements.

What kind of dialogues can Navgati facilitate?

The possibilities are endless. We love reflective team dialogues. We can create safety and contain strong emotions. Here is a sample of some themes for the dialogue.

“What strengths can I bring to this team?” dialogue
“What feedback do we have for each other?” dialogue
“How do we work with our differences?” dialogue
“What boundaries do we need to set up?” dialogue
“How do we share leadership in this team” dialogue

The actual dialogues may last anywhere between 4 hours and 2 days. However, preparation for the dialogue can often take over a month. It involves assessing the readiness of the team for dialogue. Sometimes the context is not right or sometimes people may not be ready.