It's always tea time.

V Anand Kumar

Head – Sales Planning and Operations, Apple
It’s been a long search to find a training company that has depth and diversity in their portfolio. When we looked at the Navgati website - we immediately knew that we had found a unique company. The promise in the website was met - they have a diverse range of programs and faculty and they seem to be perpetually busy Not only do they customised programs - but they also run a lot of open house sessions, so it becomes easy to nominate people to attend specific programs of interest.

Bhanumathi Dhanaraj

VP - Engineering and Analytics, Myntra
Few things stand out about Navgati - facilitators are passionate about coaching, their use of experiential learning techniques is great for grasping the concepts, and enables us to integrate them into our day-to-day lives in an effortless way. Group setting is also super helpful for lateral learning. I had the privilege of working with Sunitha as my coach, with sessions spanning over a few months. It was an amazing experience, she is a great listener, through her astute and ingenious ways she often navigated me back to basics even when the issues seemed complex at first. I began to see myself and situations a lot more objectively, enabling me to handle difficult situations with a calm mind, which I think is critical for leadership roles. Although I started off as a rather reluctant coachee, towards the end I wished I had done this earlier in my career!

Charusmitha Rao

Manager, HR Learning & Development, Akamai Technologies
I have been associated with Navgati for more than a decade now and it has been an absolute pleasure. They have revolutionized how learning is seen and experienced by going bold with contemporary methods and being exceptional in the impact they create on the learners. From theatre to music, from leadership development to OD, from facilitation to design – they have been my one-stop-shop for many of my business problems. They say it is a tough task to achieve customer delight. But they have broken this myth each time I have worked with them! More power to you.

Eric James

Senior Human Resources Business Partner, VMware
The Navgati team was really open to customizing their internal programs to suit the need of the business and that was really a turning point for me. We have built some good Management development programs at VMware and the business was very appreciative of the kind of work that Navgati has done. I am looking forward to working with them very closely in the future.

Hemalakshmi Raju

Learning & Development, Tata Motors
Our experience in working with Navgati has been extremely positive. The knowledge and expertise that they bring to the table is phenomenal and coupled with seasoned facilitation skills it is ensured that the programme brings in desired results. We have used them successfully for all levels and their “no nonsense” dealings are a major relief and save you from any unnecessary headache.

Madhu Bisht

Head – Human Resources, Nokia Siemens Network
I have interacted with Navgati over the last 17 years and found them to be creative and yet simple in their approach, extremely professional and willing to share knowledge. Their training sessions are effective, focused and packed with a lot of fun. Their training content is well-researched, delivery is excellent leading to high audience engagement. Several batches of employees have gone through their programmes and the feedback received was that the sessions were a positive learning experience where they have been able to learn at their individual pace. In short - they deliver more than they promise.

Lincy George

HR at Nvidia
It's not just about running the PeopleSmart program for 12 years, the biggest strength I have seen Navgati have is to pivot and to make changes for every batch (because I believe every batch comes in with different challenges). They have the ability to look at what the needs of every batch is, and not just run the same program. I also feel Navgati shares my passion for L&D. They are not here just to deliver programs; they do want to make sure that there is an impact. In every workshop, while they have a framework and learning objectives, they also have the ability to again look at what the audience needs and to address that. We just love that about the trainers we have from Navgati. We ran this program very well before Covid in the classroom setting and one couldn’t imagine that we had to run such a comprehensive program virtually. But all the adaptations they did enabled us to continue that engagement and that gave us huge confidence that we can run such large interventions virtually. The facilitators are able to seamlessly engage people and retain their attention consistently; it is not an easy job so I have very high regard for them. Coaching is an integral part of this program and I also want to call out how the Navgati coaches have a very good understanding of the participant challenges and are extremely supportive. I would say this has been a big factor contributing to the successes of our program with many participants talking about how coaching has directly helped them make the changes they needed to transition. To sum up, I look at Navgati not as a vendor but as a partner in development; we are a tough customer but they feel the pain that we feel. They are committed to working with us tirelessly to make sure our programs are driving the value we want them to drive. 


HR Manager, Electronics for Imaging (EFI)
We had launched our targeted training programs for Individuals contributors in EFI and partnered with Navgati. Every interaction with the team from scoping to program planning was done seamlessly and with full ownership. Each and every participant of the training programs conducted by Navgati had clear take-away. Their innovative learning techniques not just makes the learning stick but also makes it engaging. Our employees rate the programs very effective i.e. 5 on a scale of 1 to 5. We have seen a significant change in the behavior of participants who attended the conflict resolution training. As a result, Navgati’s program has earned the credibility from the business. Today our business looks at Navgati as a strong partner for our future learning needs.

Naina Mangotra

Head HR - Consumer, Marketing, WW Hub and Learning & Development at Lenovo
What I really like about Navgati is the personal connect they build with the organisations they work with. Aruna and Sunitha are very clear and upfront about what they can and cannot do. All dealings with them are extremely professional and they set expectations very clearly; they never oversell what can be achieved through an intervention. We’ve benefited from all the work we have done with them.

Pragya Shrimali

Business HR and Talent Management, Philips
Deep understanding of human interactions, subject matter expertise and a friend is guaranteed every time I interact with the Navgati team. We’ve designed some of our most successful interventions with them and its helped us build brand for HR within Philips. Navgati team is a sounding board I always reach out to whenever I want to diagnose a situation or design a new intervention.

Premkumar Govindappa

Head - Vigilance, Ujjivan Financial Services
My primary focus was to understand the key elements of developing a powerful end-to-end conversation which I felt was ‘missing skill’ in my interviews. The second was to understand the right questions to ask in order to align the resource to role offered by my organization. The challenge was to balance the mind to be on ‘Interview to hire’; The most rewarding aspect of the program was that I found the combination of activities — the case studies, discussion groups, and in-class discussions — to be incredibly stimulating. The entire experience made me rethink many aspects of my approach and see areas where improvements can be made. I have started J The stream of education one comes from is definitely material to an extent. But what one needs to achieve beyond the ordinary is the ‘focus’.

Ramya Ranganathan

Faculty - Organisational Behaviour, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore
I have known Aruna, and have benefited from attending different Navgati programs for the last five years. I am going to write this testimonial from two different perspectives. First as a participant in the programs, and second from my experience of having invited Aruna to conduct sessions in workshops that I conduct. As a participant, I have enjoyed the Navgati programs because of their liveliness and sincerity and because of the emphasis that the facilitators place on allowing participants to discover what works for them. I have been touched by the cohesion I observe amidst the Navgati team members and I admire the presence, sensitivity, and ease with which they handle even tricky subjects like emotions and interpersonal conflicts. I am also impressed with their attention to detail in sculpting out the content for each session and the sincerity and depth of research that goes into their program design. In my other role of working with Aruna as a colleague who conducts sessions in my programs, I have found her to be extremely dedicated, reliable, and enthusiastic. Aruna takes time to reflect on what each session requires and she delivers well researched content in creative ways that leave a lasting impact on participants. I trust Aruna’s work and that is why I invite her again and again to conduct sessions in my programs.

Rituparna Dasgupta

Regional Leader - Global Talent & Development COE, General Motors
It’s been 9 great years of partnering with Navgati. What has made me go back to them really is the fact that they listen, understand, and then craft an intervention that one can rarely say is off the shelf. They have deep understanding in the areas they deal with and their zeal and passion reflects in the final outcomes. Professional, strong work ethics and a real developmental partner is how my experience has been with Navgati.

Roohul Haq

Senior Manager, Talent Management, TE Connectivity
Have you ever worked with somebody who listens to what you are really envisaging when it comes to imparting people management skills to line managers, and who then delivers beyond all expectations? If so, that Mentor/Coach/Counsellor probably is on the chak de team at Navgati! I am constantly impressed by the amazing set of competencies that “PEOPLESMART” – their flagship program delivers - absolutely a go-to team! The people managers who had undergone their programs have seized opportunities, overcome obstacles, and learnt valuable business and life lessons. The learnings from the program are real, relatable, actionable, and doable. Stories that will help you find your brass ring, pot of gold at the end of the rainbow called business success. I fully recommend their work

Sanjay Bhan

Director HR, Texas Instruments
Our association with Navgati goes back to the time when Aruna started as a boutique talent development firm in late 90’s. TI was one of the very first companies Navgati worked with and around 20 years later, I’m glad to see that not only our relationship continued all these years, it has progressed as we continue to see value working together. They have a great way to deliver the content and excellent facilitation of programs; be it in the space of leadership development or performance management.

Saurabh Kale

Sr. Manager - Learning & Development, Practo
We reached out to Navgati for a skill building workshop for our people managers and really liked the way they quickly responded to our query. We had initial conversations around our requirements. We appreciate that their Consultant made time and met different sponsors in our office and also called in key participants before the workshop to note their expectations and completely customized the workshop for us. Very professional!

Shobha Wilson Simon

HR Director - South Asia, Levi's Strauss & Co.
Navgati’s facilitators have an authentic and thoughtful approach to their client’s needs. Their ability to build and execute appropriate interventions, while balancing organizational priorities and the realities of the ‘state of the team’, makes them unique. Their partnership is truly valuable.

Smita Menon

India lead - Talent Development, VMW
I have been associated with Navgati as a client and participant learner for over a decade now and it has been a supremely enriching experience. As a client I have partnered with them in co-creating and facilitating workshops (Leadership development and Diversity), Executive Coaching as well as long term OD interventions. There are three key reasons why I have continued to trust them to deliver right - Firstly, Subject Matter Expertise - some of the best minds in the industry when it comes to the study of human behavior are part of the Navgati team and their ability to use this knowledge in the design of creative and pragmatic solutions for the client is a huge asset Second is flexibility and co-creation - they understand the ever-changing nature of business and partnered with my team accordingly. I would say they deployed design thinking as ways of working long before the term became popular. Thirdly, creativity - some of the best interventions we ran involved a lot of 'jamming' and co creation of ideas that were unique and innovative and I have come to see this as their hallmark. As a learner, I have participated in many of their public workshops but a special mention for their 'Leaders Develop Leaders' program, an ICF recognized initiative- the intensive theory plus practice model helped me and many others gain their ACC accreditation with confidence. I wish the Navgati team the very best always.  

Veda Srinivasan

Director - Global Talent Solutions (India, China, Russia, Egypt and Israel COEs), Dell
Navgati has been a partner I’ve always looked to when I wanted quality service delivered. Over the last five years where I have worked with them, I have come to count on them for their professionalism, functional depth, and innovation. Their offerings, method of delivery and facilitator pool is undoubtedly best-in-class. What is heartening is that their commitment extends, from doing a good job, to owning the learners. I know that many of our employees have developed a personal connect with the facilitators and keep in touch with them even after the program. We work with Navgati for several of our programs that range from entry level to junior level and mid-management, hipo programs and niche offerings in the Diversity & Inclusion space, to one-on-one sessions on executive presence and communication for senior level audiences The reason for this wide range is that every time I have a requirement and approach them, they have responded with appropriate ideas that are relevant to our context. Navgati has always been in tune with the latest trends in this field so I’m assured that my employees are getting a high quality and new experience, both of which facilitate work place learning transfer Overall it has been a pleasure and rewarding experience to associate with them I look forward to continuing this partnership.  

Vishal Kulkarni

Manager, Talent Development, Human Resources, Allscripts 
We at Allscripts have been associated with Navgati and Aruna for several years now. One of our favourite programs with Aruna has been on Coaching. Basing the class exercises on the 'real world' at our organization had a significant impact. The fact that Aruna took the time to understand our needs and wants made for a win-win situation. This training program far surpassed the multitude of other supposedly 'customer excellence classes' I've attended. To add to it, Aruna brings in such a calm personality, so much empathy and makes the learning so very enjoyable. Her style ensures that the environment is such that people feel safe and open to exposing their vulnerability and do that out of choice. That for me is the best part of all the programs we have done through Navgati. Their approach is very scientific and genuine and brings immense value to overall maturity development of an individual. Looking forward to many more years of association.