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Program name Duration (days) Focus
Winfluence 2 A program on influencing and persuasion skills. Highlighting the limiting impact of tactics and games, the program emphasizes values-based, principled negotiation that seeks mutually satisfying outcomes.
Emotional Intelligence 2 This program introduces people to Emotional Intelligence – what it is, what characterizes people who have it and why it is important for success. With this awareness leaders learn to have emotionally intelligent conversations.
Speak up 2 Teaches participants to be assertive : stand up for themselves, disagree respectfully, push back without breaking relationships and respond appropriately when manipulated
From conflict to resolution 2 Helps participants constructively engage with conflict, continue a dialogue in the face of resistance and get results. It equips them to know their preferred conflict style while developing the flexibility to move into other styles as appropriate.
High Stakes Conversations 2 Gives participants the tools to discuss issues where stakes are high and emotions run strong. It invites participants to be authentic and credible in any interaction, thus motivating people into action.
Handling challenging conversations (actor-based workshop) 1 Participants influence trained actors who bring challenging conversations to life. As they interact with these actor -facilitators, they try out different options and experience for themselves the responses that their styles elicit – an immersive and fun way to build influencing or feedback skills
Leadership lessons from improvisation 2 Improvisation (or unscripted theatre) can be a great metaphor for the complexity and constant change they face at work. This workshop invites leaders to come up with novel responses in unfamiliar situations and take calculated risks without a safety net that guarantees specific outcomes.