But I don't want to go
among mad people,'
Alice remarked.
'Oh, you can't help that,'
said the Cat: 'we're
all mad here

Jeena Agnes

Jeena’s the most familiar of all names at Navgati: you’ve probably seen the weekly mailer that she sends out about our many open programs. This is just one of the many tasks she ably manages in her role as Office Manager. If you visit the aesthetic and simple Navgati office, you will be greeted by the ever-smiling Jeena. With all our facilitators in client offices, Jeena single-handedly and uncomplainingly, runs the backend of Navgati operations. If our office is kept running smoothly and processes tick away like they should, that’s all credit to Jeena.

If you believe Jeena is all about administration, you are wrong. Over the weekends, she engages in care giving for the needy. The stray puppy that she adopted transformed her life. But her compassionate side is not visible in our official Diwali poker game. Here she wins hands down year after year, while squealing with laughter at the other despairing losers.