But I don't want to go
among mad people,'
Alice remarked.
'Oh, you can't help that,'
said the Cat: 'we're
all mad here

Lalana Zaveri

Quiz question for you – if all the Navgati facilitators were walking down a street together, who would get recognised the most? The answer is clearly Lalana – ask her when you meet her why that is the case (if you haven’t already figured it out by then).

Lalana is an accomplished entrepreneur and leader. She co-founded Printo, a retail business that’s rapidly becoming synonymous with printing. Prior to this, Lalana has worked in diverse industries and company formats, from her family business in Bombay to the multinational company, Xerox Ltd. Lalana is an MBA from Nottingham University Business School (UK).

Through her entire career, Lalana has always been passionate about learning and development which is what brought her to Navgati in 2013. At Navgati, she focuses on the people leadership vertical and runs a range of workshops helping managers deal with the challenges of leading people. She’s also an accomplished coach, with a uniquely empathic style of coaching.

What we find truly endearing about her is the high levels of self awareness and authenticity she brings to every interaction. She’s also an enthusiastic collector of Indian English quirks that keep us entertained at team meetings. Outside of work, Lalana enjoys playing the piano and guest-writing for the online news publication, Citizen Matters. She also loves to teach people how to drive.