Now, here, you see, it takes
all the running you can
do, to keep in the same place.
If you want to get somewhere else,
you must run at least
twice as fast as that!

We offer the Leaders Develop Leaders as an open program (run by Navgati for anyone who wants to participate in it) and as an in-company program (for a set of leaders in a company).

How is the program delivered

  • 8-day program, delivered virtually; two days a month.
  • Four of these days are in the practise lab format where each participant gets to coach a fellow participant on a live issue. In each session, the person receives feedback along the ICF competencies from the facilitator, followed by others sharing their insights from the observation.

What are the learning goals?

Through the 60 hours of virtual training, spread over four months, participants will

  • Articulate what coaching is and differentiate between coaching, mentoring and counselling
  • Develop familiarity with the 8 ICF competencies and develop each of them through practice
  • Practice the GROW framework for coaching interventions
  • Move the client forward in their goals using a range of interventions, tools and methodologies
  • Apply the concepts of adult development theory to coaching
  • Be familiar with the ICF Code of Ethics

What are the components of the course?

  • Training – 60 hours of training delivered as 8 days program.
  • Mentor coaching – An additional 10 hours, scheduled as a combination of group and 1:1 sessions with the Navgati mentor coach. You can reach out to schedule this once you have about half of the 100 coaching hours you need to log for your certification.
  • Assessment of coaching ability – Submit one recording for assessment where you are coaching out at an ACC level

What are the requirements for certification?

Once you successfully meet the above criteria, you will be awarded the Level One certificate by us and can apply to the ICF for your ACC certificate. You will need to have a log of the 100 coaching practice hours you have completed, outside of the training hours. You will then need to clear a multiple-choice knowledge assessment to be awarded the credential.

We offer a flexible participation system so you can work at the pace that you want toward certification.

Upcoming workshop dates

The next batch starts in June 2024

If you would like to attend this transformational learning event please fill in the following details and we will get back to you.