She gave herself
some very good advice.
(though she very
seldom followed it)

Leaders Develop Leaders

Program Goals

  • Offer a formal mechanism to support leaders as they take on coaching
  • Create understanding of the process of development and clarify myths about how people learn and change
  • Enable learning and practice of the micro-skills in coaching
  • Enable deepening in self awareness of participants and support them in working through their own growth needs

Learning goals

  • Through the 8 days of training spread over four months participants will
  • Articulate what coaching is and differentiate between coaching, mentoring and counseling
  • Be familiar with the 11 ICF competencies and develop each of them through practice
  • Practice the GROW framework for coaching interventions
  • Move the client forward in his/her goals using a range of interventions, tools and methodologies
  • Understand and use the dynamics of the coaching relationship to facilitate change
  • Apply the concepts of adult development theory to coaching
  • Choose appropriate tools
  • Be familiar with the ICF Code of Ethics

How the program is delivered

  • It is an 8-day program (totaling 64 hours), delivered in person.
  • Each participant gets to do four, 20-minute coaching sessions where they coach a fellow participant on a live issue. In each session, the person receives feedback along the ICF competencies from the facilitator, followed by others sharing their insights from the observation.
Month 1 Day 1 An introduction to Coaching, ICF Competencies, GROW Model and Contracting
Day 2 Coaching Lab
Month 2 Day 1 Using TA frameworks in coaching for Creating Awareness – Drivers, strokes, discounting, permissionsand games
Day 2 Coaching Lab
Month 3 Day 1 Use of tools in coaching
Day 2 Coaching Lab
Month 4 Day 1 Review of the 11 ICF competencies. Ethics in Coaching Setting up coaching practise
Day 2 Coaching Lab


Dates and Locations where the program is delivered.
Leaders Develop Leaders is offered both as an open program (run by Navgati for anyone who wants to participate in it), and as an in-company program (for a set of leaders in a company).

Every year, two open workshops are offered. For the dates of our next program, please check Upcoming Journeys