But I don't want to go
among mad people,'
Alice remarked.
'Oh, you can't help that,'
said the Cat: 'we're
all mad here

Neetu Sadhwani

An engaging conversationalist who can talk about any topic under the sun, be it professional development, parenting, or paranthas! Neetu`s also the Navgati Queen of Bollywood, whether it is knowing the most obscure facts about Hindi films or matching Hindi film song choreography to the last step. Neetu plays many roles to perfection – yoga teacher, storyteller, empathic facilitator, supportive coach. She also uses stories to teach life skills to school children and has worked with final year students to prepare them for working in a professional set up. She is passionate about the education of the girl child and runs a trust for the same cause.

Neetu has 16 years experience in Human Resources and Learning and has led several talent development & employee engagement programs in organisations like Sonata software. She has been associated with Navgati, since 2006, and she facilitates a range of programs in the space of communication.

Neetu has an MBA in Human Resources. In addition, she is a certified student counsellor. She has a very engaging vocation as a certified instructor to teach yoga through stories to children. She is also studying to be a Transactional Analysis practitioner and is pursuing her ICF coaching certification.