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New Training Programs

Program name Focus
Creatures of Habit  The intent of this workshop is to help participants accelerate the process of making changes in their behaviour by working through the framework of habit. We tend to think of transformation as coming from a focus on achieving big goals; habit experts have found instead that lasting change comes from the compound effect of hundreds of small decisions. In this workshop, participants will learn how to create small habits that help them become more productive, motivated and happy. This program builds on evidence based methods supported by psychology and neuroscience; it draws from the work of authors like James Clear and by Charles Duhigg to help participants build the simple skills they need to create or break habits. Duration – 2.5 hours
Beating the Impostor Phenomenon  Have you ever felt that sooner or later people are going to find out you’re not as competent as you appear to be? If so, join the many, many of us who have experienced the Impostor Phenomenon. A deeply self-reflective and experiential program that explores the sources of the impostor phenomenon, the types of impostor syndrome and equips participants with techniques and hands-on experience of these to combat the impostor phenomenon. We use creative methodologies like story circles, role-playing, journaling, and art-based interventions. Duration – 2 hours
Fearless Teams (a workshop on psychological safety) A program that fosters building a culture of inclusion and creating environments where people feel safe and share controversial ideas or talk about mistakes without the fear of blame, shame, or rejection. Participants get to articulate their definition of inclusion and identify factors that contribute to psychological safety and think about how they can reduce conformity in groups they lead. Duration 3 hours + 90 min for conversations in small groups
Confident Decision Making This is a workshop designed to enable participants to be comfortable with the process of taking decisions.  Decision making, however well thought out, involves emotions, interpersonal dynamics and biases and awareness of these (and other) factors leads to a better process and, thereby, better decisions. Participants will understand the ways in which we end up taking poor decisions; the biases that influence our decision making and stay with us later; frameworks for making confident decisions and practice a way to account for possible risks when the decisions have far-reaching consequences. Duration: 2.5 hours
Building a Growth mindset A highly participative program designed for leaders to engage in a meaningful discussion around what growth mindset is and understand the competencies connected to a growth mindset experientially. Using improv theatre as a metaphor participants experience what it takes to come up with novel responses and take calculated risks without a scripted plan or a safety net. The use of techniques like improv, personal storytelling and image theatre gets people to relax, be spontaneous and access emotional memories, deepening the quality of reflection and sharing. Duration – 2 hours
Inclusive leadership This extended program focuses on building the capacity of leaders to create environments which allows people to feel a sense of belonging while also feeling that their uniqueness is being respected. Our approach focuses on the significant themes when it comes to diversity and inclusion in the workplace – gender differences especially with respect to women, sexual minorities as well as generational differences. However exclusion is not limited to these larger themes. It can manifest in subtle and unconscious ways (language, region, pedigree etc.). Hence, we also focus on overcoming unconscious biases and creating psychological safety.
Duration – 7 VLEs (Virtual Learning Events) of half day each.
Leading with joy As the name suggests, this extended program focuses on the role of increased happiness and positivity in the workplace on business outcomes, based on psychological research. There is no better sign of engagement than when people wake up and feel happy to come to work and leaders who can create this kind of an environment do reap the rewards in terms of increased commitment and productivity. Through the course leaders will explore the kind of relationships they are building with their teams; recognize the value of working with strengths and using validation; and learn how to build a culture of optimism and positivity in the teams they lead.
Duration – 6 modules of two hours each
Leading through Influence Leading through Influence, is a journey which is focused on the needs of HR professionals who are constantly called on to challenge, advocate and negotiate in order to influence diverse stakeholders. Through this course participants will explore the various psychological roles they play and ways to influence stakeholders, often without formal authority. They learn the skills of contracting, inquiry and empathy and how to apply them in crucial conversations.
Duration – 6 modules of half day each