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New Training Programs

Program name Focus
Inclusive leadership This extended program focuses on building the capacity of leaders to create environments which allows people to feel a sense of belonging while also feeling that their uniqueness is being respected. Our approach focuses on the significant themes when it comes to diversity and inclusion in the workplace – gender differences especially with respect to women, sexual minorities as well as generational differences. However exclusion is not limited to these larger themes. It can manifest in subtle and unconscious ways (language, region, pedigree etc.). Hence, we also focus on overcoming unconscious biases and creating psychological safety.
Duration – 7 VLEs (Virtual Learning Events) of half day each.
Leading with joy As the name suggests, this extended program focuses on the role of increased happiness and positivity in the workplace on business outcomes, based on psychological research. There is no better sign of engagement than when people wake up and feel happy to come to work and leaders who can create this kind of an environment do reap the rewards in terms of increased commitment and productivity. Through the course leaders will explore the kind of relationships they are building with their teams; recognize the value of working with strengths and using validation; and learn how to build a culture of optimism and positivity in the teams they lead.
Duration – 6 modules of two hours each
Leading through Influence Leading through Influence, is a journey which is focused on the needs of HR professionals who are constantly called on to challenge, advocate and negotiate in order to influence diverse stakeholders. Through this course participants will explore the various psychological roles they play and ways to influence stakeholders, often without formal authority. They learn the skills of contracting, inquiry and empathy and how to apply them in crucial conversations.
Duration – 6 modules of half day each