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Leadership development programs

There are several factors that make our leadership development training programs unique and effective

1. All our work is rooted in a deep understanding of the real world challenges faced by leaders at various levels. We ensure that the content of our leadership skills training programs are customised to the needs of the industry and the organisational context so that participants walk away with a greater sense of confidence in being able to navigate these challenges

2. We believe that the core of leadership growth is inner work. Our leadership skills training programs are structured therefore to deepen self-awareness of leaders in terms of their beliefs about themselves and others. All our work is rooted in a deep understanding of behavioural psychology which helps participants recognise their behavioural patterns and how those impact their style as a leader

3.Our experience with helping leaders build skills, over the last two decades, reflects in our ability to design learning environments that allow participants to acquire and practice skills in a safe environment.

4.We also offer a range of creative follow up options to support leaders in implementing the learning they have had in the program.

Program name Focus
Leading edge A people management training program for managers. This program explains in practical terms what leaders need to do stay focused on their role as leaders, use their authority appropriately, get the best out of their people, keep them motivated and develop them. Duration 3 full days Or 6 – half days (virtual session)
PeopleSmart A journey based people leadership training program designed to support emerging leaders as they transform into mature and effective people leaders. A structured intervention spread over a period of 4-6 months, this program includes elements of assessment, feedback, learning, practice and coaching. . Duration 4 – 6 months
Transformational Leadership
An extended senior leadership development program designed to help leaders navigate the passage from being the developmental leader of individuals to a leader of managers. A blend of feedback, training and one-on-one coaching makes the program potent. Duration 4 – 6 months
Hire the best An impactful interviewing skills training program that helps interviewers make higher quality assessments by using carefully-crafted questions linked to well-defined competencies, listening for specifics, and spotting long term potential in a candidate. Duration 2 full days Or 4 – half days (virtual session) (Video1 Video2)
Manager as a coach Equips managers with coaching skills to approach developmental conversations more effectively and spot such opportunities to integrate a coaching approach in their everyday conversations. Duration – 2 full days or 4 – half days (virtual session)
Leading with joy This extended program focuses on the role of increased happiness and positivity in the workplace on business outcomes, based on psychological research. Through the course leaders will explore the kind of relationships they are building with their teams; recognize the value of working with strengths and using validation; and learn how to build a culture of optimism and positivity in the teams they lead. Duration – 6- half day sessions
Goal setting and delegation Helps managers set SMART goals with measurable performance standards. The workshop gives them structures for participatory goal setting and delegation conversations. Duration 1 day or 2 -half days (virtual session)
Feedback Conversations: Designed to equip leaders plan for feedback meetings and conduct them in a structured and participatory manner. Participants will learn to articulate the value of timely and constructive feedback and practice using a structured approach. Through this program leaders will deal with their own anxieties around giving and receiving feedback and learn and practice the SBIA model of giving feedback. This unique program puts experience at the heart of learning. Using interactive exercises and drama we bring to life challenging situations that participants face and help them rehearse effective ways of dealing with them. Duration – 1 day or 2- half days *virtual session)
Career Conversations A program to widen a leader’s perspective on development, learning and careers and equip him/her with the structure and skills of conducting effective developmental discussions. Duration 1 day Or 2- half days (virtual session)
Positive accountability A workshop for managers on holding people accountable. They learn to set expectations; measure progress and have tough conversations when necessary. Duration 1 day – Or 2 – half days (virtual session)
Biased? Me? A workshop that helps participants connect with their unconscious bias in a manner that does not invite defensiveness. Our Unconscious Bias training program additionally equips managers and leaders to identify specific kinds of unconscious biases that commonly occur in hiring and performance decisions and helps them walk away with a firm action plan to mitigate the impact of the unconscious bias that their teams may be experiencing. Duration 1 day Or 2- half days (virtual session) (Video1 Video2)
Inclusive leadership This extended program focuses on building the capacity of leaders to create environments which allows people to feel a sense of belonging while also feeling that their uniqueness is being respected. Our approach focuses on the significant themes when it comes to diversity and inclusion in the workplace – gender differences especially with respect to women, sexual minorities as well as generational differences. However exclusion is not limited to these larger themes. It can manifest in subtle and unconscious ways (language, region, pedigree etc.). Hence, we also focus on overcoming unconscious biases and creating psychological safety. Duration – 7 VLEs (Virtual Learning Events) of half day each.
Young leadership program This workshop helps participants develop a broader perspective – of themselves, the ways in which they can add value to their customers, trends that are likely to impact their careers and the opportunities available to them. This 2 -day workshop provides a reflective, inviting space for emerging leaders in an organization to make a commitment to becoming the best version of themselves. Techniques drawn from the world of art and theatre makes it a high impact and engaging program. Duration – 2 full days of 4 half days (virtual session)
Personal Accountability As organizations navigate change on a daily basis and projects and processes cut across lines of formal authority, personal accountability is what leads to winning results. This workshop helps participants reflect and appreciate the benefits to them of being accountable and the intrinsic processes that lead to accountability. Duration – 2 hours (virtual session)
Leading through change Dealing with change is an essential workplace skill in these challenging times. Leaders are constantly adapting to changes around them or are called upon to influence others to change. Our approach focuses on the two significant aspects of managing change – how we deal with the strong emotions that change creates (in ourselves and our teams) and how we manage the process of change. Self-reflection and challenging limiting beliefs are at the core of this leadership development program. The learning is grounded on the psychological underpinnings of human reaction to change and builds on this foundation to equip people with the skills needed to navigate through change. Duration – half day
Leading Hybrid Teams As we all emerge into a post pandemic reality, it’s clear that the future of work for most organisations is going to be a hybrid one and it’s vital for managers to pause and reflect on how they are going to navigate this transition. In this half day workshop, they will
* Find the safe space to talk about their challenges as individuals
* Reflect on how they can approach the new way of working in an intentional manner
* Work with the 5P model of factors that contribute to success in a hybrid work and brainstorm on what they can do
* Learn about best practices
* Make a plan for themselves that helps them feel a greater sense of comfort with dealing with all the uncertainties ahead
Duration – Half day