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Program name Duration (days) Focus
Leading edge 3 An introduction to people leadership skills for managers. This program explains in practical terms what leaders need to do stay focused on their role as leaders, use their authority appropriately, get the best out of their people, keep them motivated and develop them.
PeopleSmart 4 – 6 months Designed for leaders who have transitioned from being individual contributors. The 6-month intervention includes developmental feedback, training on various aspects of people management and one-on-one coaching.
Transformational Leadership 4 – 6 months Designed to help leaders navigate the passage from being the leader developmental of individuals to a leader of managers. A blend of feedback, training and one-on-one coaching makes the program potent
Hire the best 2 Helps interviewers make higher quality assessments by using carefully-crafted questions linked to well-defined competencies, listening for specifics, and spotting long term potential in a candidate.
GROWing as a coach 1 Equips leaders to integrate a coaching approach into their everyday conversations. Through empowering dialogue they help people think deeper about their experiences, take ownership and develop options for themselves.
Leading with joy 1 Invites leaders to create a climate of positivity in their teams. The workshop provides leaders tools for working with people’s strengths, encouraging the development of relationships and appreciating people genuinely.
Goal setting and delegation 1 Helps managers set SMART goals with measurable performance standards. The workshop gives them structures for participatory goal setting and delegation conversations.
Constructive Performance Feedback 1 Introduces techniques to give constructive and timely feedback in a manner that is specific and supportive. Participants explain subtleties of performance using a structured approach, and are supportive and empathetic in the process
Career Conversations 1 A program to widen a leader’s perspective on development, learning and careers and equip him/her with the structure and skills of conducting effective developmental discussions.
Accountability conversations 1 A workshop for managers on holding people accountable. They learn to set expectations; measure progress and have tough conversationswhen necessary.
Biased? Me? 1 A one day workshop that helps participants connect with their unconscious bias in a manner that does not invite defensiveness. Participants walk away with a firm action plan to mitigate the impact of the unconscious bias that their teams may be experiencing.