But I don't want to go
among mad people,'
Alice remarked.
'Oh, you can't help that,'
said the Cat: 'we're
all mad here

Piyush Dixit

Piyush is a unique blend of profound wisdom and theatrical exuberance. Don`t be fooled by that distinguished look and serious demeanour, scratch the surface and you’ll find one of the most talented improvisers of our group, always up for fun. [Spontan] (Spontaneous) is the word that was coined for him. He`s ever ready to go with the flow and be who the situation demands him to be – whether it`s coaching a group of senior leaders or lounging on the beach with the millennials of Navgati. He is ever ready with a smile, to lend you a ear, a tune or whatever it is that you need at the moment.

Piyush is a B.Tech from IIT Kanpur (1981), an MS in Computer Science from University of Maryland (1987) and a post-graduate in management from IIM Bangalore (2002). Piyush spent the first league of his career as a computer networking technology specialist and a senior leader in a plethora of companies. In 2013, Piyush moved out of his IT career to pursue his innate passion for people development full-time through executive coaching and corporate training. He is an ICF certified coach and a Certified Psychodrama Practitioner. At Navgati, Piyush coaches senior leaders and facilitates workshops in leadership development, coaching skills, Transactional Analysis and improv in the workspace.