Curioser and curioser!

Program name Duration (days) Focus
Games that teach 1 Gives trainers plenty of creative tools that they can put to use immediately in their programs. These games are simple to set up, simple to explain, simple to conduct and simple for participants to learn from.
Theatre based facilitation 2 Provides a unique opportunity for facilitators to learn how to use theatre as powerful tool for personal transformation. It introduces facilitators to potent methodologies from different streams of applied theatre like Improv Theatre and Theatre of the Oppressed.
Creative Training Design and Facilitation 2 Designed to empower participants with skills to design, facilitate and evaluate training programs. Specific skills that the participants learn include writing verifiable learning objectives, converting content into interactive experiences, facilitation of the exercises to lead to learning, evaluation of the program and management of the classroom environment.
Metaphorically Speaking 1 A tool to help individuals and groups think and dialogue with pictures. The pictures serve as pictorial metaphors. This program equips facilitators and leaders facilitate reflection and sharing using the tool. The box consists of 75 stunning images.
Sociometry 0.5 Allows participants to experience simple applications of sociometry in learning interventions and in meetings. They learn how sociometry can be used to help a group understand its own dynamics and have authentic dialogue around the same
Image theatre 0.5 Teaches participants to use image theatre in creative ways in learning and dialogue. Images are physical representation of the thoughts and ideas of the participants using their bodies
Using improvisation in the classroom 1 Teaches participants the use of improvisational or unscripted theatre in the classroom and its application in a variety of learning interventions from change agility to collaboration to creativity
Story-based facilitation 1 Invites participants to look at creative ways of using story based methods to promote expressiveness and self discovery