But I don't want to go
among mad people,'
Alice remarked.
'Oh, you can't help that,'
said the Cat: 'we're
all mad here

Shubha Pradha Somashekar

Shubha is a multipotentialite with 14 years of experience across diverse fields. She started her career as a financial analyst but spent the bulk of her corporate career working for Target Corporation India where she was a retail operations leader in her last role. As an individual contributor, she worked with a wide variety of teams spanning tech, business intelligence, site data management, as a liaison on strategic projects. She also discovered her love for coaching and developmental training as both a process trainer and enjoyed co-creating developmental trainings. She has since donned many hats that have included business development and corporate podcast creation, which included voice-overs.

In 2018, Shubha recognised that The thread that connects all of her work experience was creating spaces for Human Connections and fostering community spaces. discovered the phrase that made the purpose of her life very clear: Community Building.

She is passionate about all things Community, and has founded and runs That Extra Step, a community space that actively works on easing urban isolation by creating fun & transformative virtual spaces.

Aside from work, she enjoys learning new languages and is certified in intermediate French. She also has an interest in movement that encompasses calisthenics, skateboarding, boogie boarding and swing dancing.

At Navgati, she anchors workshops in the space of communication, personal effectiveness and women leadership. She’s also the envy of the rest of the team because she lives in sunny, glorious Goa.