Curioser and curioser!

Program name Duration (days) Focus
Drama Growth Labs 4 days over 4 months A unique space for regular self- work using techniques from improvisation, drama therapy and psychodrama. Participants explore their inner self through play, rehearse desired behaviours and perform the transformation that they would like to see in themselves.
Team Act 4 hours A-theatre based team building program. Co-creating scenes draws out essential elements that create an efficient, harmonious and resourceful team. As people at all levels develop a comfort with being silly, a new kind of bonding develops.
Handling challenging conversations (actor-based workshop) 1 Participants influence trained actors who bring challenging conversations to life. As they interact with these actor -facilitators, they try out different options and experience for themselves the responses that their styles elicit – an immersive and fun way to build influencing or feedback skills
Thinking on your Feet 1 This is a workshop designed for participants to experience their own ability to improvise – perform without preparation. As they go through a variety of improve activities, they take risks with themselves and develop flexibility in their responses.
Dramatic Conflict Resolution 1 Participants learn to deal with their own conflictsusing drama. The conflict is brought alive through enactment, allowing participants to explore their conflicts, wishes and concerns in a safe environment and rehearse alternate behaviours
Act your way to Assertiveness 1 Participants enact multiple conversations and in the process learn to be assertive, voice their opinions unapologetically, persist in the face of conflict and push back appropriately
Clear, confident, compelling 2 Uses drama and story-based activities to develop breakthrough communication skills. It invites people to speak with confidence, clarity and energy.
Leadership lessons from improvisation 2 Improvisation (or unscripted theatre) can be a great metaphor for the complexity and constant change they face at work. This workshop invites leaders to come up with novel responses in unfamiliar situations and take calculated risks without a safety net that guarantees specific outcomes.
Exploring stereotypes about women in mythology 1 Participants dramatically take on roles from women in mythology/fairy tales and re-enact them giving life to their own ideas about empowerment and breaking stereotypes. Drama and play makes it easy for women to explore different ways of being.