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Learning to think – thinking skills training progams

While thinking skills are generally termed soft skills, we believe they are vital skills and should be treated as such. These are skills required to function efficiently in a dynamic world and you will find our structure and content of programs in this space reflective of this belief. Along with a focus on creative and critical thinking skills, we also offer programs establishing a foundational mindfulness practice that helps individuals make sense of all the chaos around them while remaining present to what is happening at the moment and respond appropriately. Our mindfulness training programs endeavor to build on this awareness with practices that help reduce stress, feel safer, calmer, and wiser, and build closer relationships at home and work. You will find that our list of programs in this space is crafted by bringing together a structured and creative approach to help boost divergent thinking while also helping people reconnect with their creative selves.

Program name Focus
Creative Problem Solving Helps participants blend structured and creative approaches when solving problems. They learn to define problems sharply, use tools to create new and original solutions and evaluate ideas using structured frameworks. Duration – 4 half days
Learning to think A workshop on critical thinking. Participants learn to recognize errors in thinking patterns. They also practice a set of thinking tools designed to help them look at problems more clearly, identify root causes and present their ideas in a logically compelling manner. Duration – 2 half days
Creativity playshop A program designed to help people reconnect with their creative, playful selves. They learn to create environments that are conducive to divergent thinking and practice a range of creative thinking tools. Duration – 2 half days
Be here now Through this extended program on mindfulness, participants are introduced to the value of being mindful and they learn the skills of being mindful- starting with the body, learn to recognize thoughts and feelings just as they arise and practise developing a sense of loving kindness. They are provided with audio recordings to continue their practise after each session and have the choice to join a community of mindfulness practitioners who meet once a week (virtually) to meditate Program Duration – 1 month
What do I say now This program aims to help people managers bridge some of the gaps in the area of emotional readiness when it comes to emotionally laden conversations. They explore the range of instinctive responses when faced with such enormous situations, and are presented with a set of qualities that are needed to be naturally empathic with an opportunity to practise the same. Duration – 2 hours.
Managing stress at work Managers face the dual challenge of managing their stress and those of the people working around them. In this program, they learn to articulate the impact of stress on an individual, introspect on what they could be unconsciously doing to contribute to the stress and brainstorm on how to create an environment of trust, engagement and positivity. Duration – 2 hours