Curioser and curioser!

What makes our behavioural training programs special?

Our programs link leadership theory and behavioural science to the challenges leaders face at work, thus blending academic rigour with practical applicability. Skill practise and feedback account for 70% of the time in our skill building workshops. We use tools like behavior-checklists, cheat sheats etc. to support skill understanding and change.

We use theatre, art, metaphor and storytelling in our process. It provides an alternative to using words as the default means of thinking and expression. Using words alone can limit us when we are trying to understand and describe some of our multifaceted challenges or experiences.

Right-brained techniques such as theatre or art allow us to discover and share perspectives in a whole new way. These techniques elicit spontaneous, authentic responses and invite deeper insights. This can help a group get to the core of issues quickly, reducing verbal noise and allows problems to be solved in surprising ways.