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Upcoming TA 101 batch dates: 22nd and 23rd Feb, 2023

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    Transactional analysis training

    TA (Transactional Analysis), developed in the 1950’s by the late Dr.Eric Berne, is an ever evolving useful and fascinating framework for understanding personality development, human behaviour, communication and relationships. TA often provides answers to why communication and relationships fail and how we repeat patterns of behaviour that are limiting or damaging.

    TA was initially developed as an approach to psychotherapy. But over the past 50 years of its growth it’s found wider application in all fields concerning human growth and change, namely counselling, education, organisations and coaching. It’s universal value that ‘people are OK’, its emphasis on people’s power to choose and the immense hope it places on the possibility of change, makes it relevant to all cultures.

    The genius of TA is its simplicity. It can be easily taught and learnt. As Eric Berne would say, “If it cannot be explained to an eight year old, it is not worth saying!”


    We offer a comprehensive approach to Transactional Analysis Training

    Program name Duration (days) Focus
    TA 101 2 This 2-day program is an internationally recognized introductory course in TA (Transactional Analysis). TA theory provides models for looking at ourselves and our relationships, the ways we communicate and the repeating patterns we get into.

    Participants will be awarded an TA 101 certificate from ITAA (International Transactional Analysis Association) on completion. This certificate is a pre-requisite for those who wish to go on to study TA at an advanced level.

    To know more about the TA 101, click here.

    Reimagine Life – The Foundation in TA 16 days over 12 months This is a 16 day (128 hour) program run over 12 months, on understanding self.

    Through deeper understanding of TA theory and experiential exercises, participants will explore their inner worlds and their relationships and recognise how their scripts are active in their lives everyday. Through small group discussions, art and journaling , they will uncover the early decisions (countless rules for being and relating), made unconsciously. Through increased awareness of unconscious patterns using TA theory, participants change what is not working for them. Participants who have gone through this program have reported transformational personal development

    Through this program, participants build the foundation before going on to qualify as a Transactional Analyst.

    The training hours can be logged as advanced TA training hours for certifications of SAATA and ITAA. Completion of this course allows participants to get 128 hours of advanced TA training required to write the SAATA diploma exam.

    CTA Training This program is intended for those who plan to pursue a professional career as psychotherapists or counsellors This preparescandidates towards the qualification ofCertified Transactional Analyst (CTA)in Psychotherapy/Counselling

    Training takes place over ten weekends in each academic year. The total duration of the course will depend on participant’s own initial experience and background, and their own academic pace. As a general guideline only, most trainees can expect to take three to five years between entering the course and taking their final examination.

    The program consists of theory, demonstration, supervision, and experiential work. Individuals work with one another and receive direct supervision for their work. Participants also learn by paying attention to how they engage in the here-and-now group process. Authentic relating is explored and experienced through how the group members relate to one another.

    TAPTAP (Theory and Practice of Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy) Online reading group TAPTAP (Theory and Practice of Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy) is a vibrant reading community of learners and practitioners of TA. The group reads chapters from books and also articles from the Transactional Analysis Journal. Sessions are held online on alternate Wednesdays from 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm . The sessions are recorded and made available for a week for those who missed them
    TA for trainers and facilitators TA offers a wealth of concepts to help trainers create a safe and vibrant learning environment. Ideas such as contracting, ego states, strokes, transactions, drivers, the drama triangle and games can help facilitators stay grounded, recognise the dynamics of the interactions and navigate them in a manner that makes the environment conducive for learning
    Between The Lines – Sixth Sense for People Leaders This exceptional program is for leaders who want to be mindful of how the unconscious shapes individuals and groups. The vision of these leaders is to create a truly inclusive environment where the worth, value and dignity of every human being is important. They are interested in learning about their own motivations and drives, and owning their contribution to the cultures they create. They are interested in developing flexibility to respond effectively in a range of contexts – to say hold a boundary firmly in one situation and laugh till they cry in another.
    A Bouquet of short Modules 2 – 8 hours Each of these modules can be offered as a stand alone module ranging from 2 hours to a day. Reach out to us and tell us your need and we will custom design modules for your requirements. Some of these could effectively function as team building programs as well.
    1.Ego States and Leadership
    2.Ulterior Transactions – What they really mean
    3.The Psychology of recognition – Strokes
    4.Working Styles or Drivers
    5.Drama Triangle, including the Bystander Position
    6.Games People Play