Curioser and curioser!

Program name Duration (days) Focus
TA 101 2 This 2-day program is an internationally recognized introductory course in TA (Transactional Analysis). TA theory provides models for looking at ourselves and our relationships, the ways we communicate and the repeating patterns we get into.
Games People Play 1 A program for leaders to understand the puzzling ways in which people sabotage their own success and find ways to invite people into more trusting, open relationships.
Changing your life script 2 In this intense session participants uncover their life script: the early decisions they made unconsciously, as to how they will live their lives. This awareness allows them to recognize the journey they need to make to reclaim their potent selves.
What drives me? 4 hours Our compulsive working styles and the problems that they can cause for us or others This workshop introduces participants to five working styles (Drivers) that govern the way people behave in stressful situations and which can be at the root of dysfunctional situations.
Functional Fluency 1 Functional Fluency is a model for mapping functional and dysfunctional patterns in communication. Participants become aware of their own natural patterns of reacting and experiment with alternate ways of responding to the same stimulus to see the different outcomes that emerge
Strokes 4 hours Participants get introduced to the concept of strokes from transactional analysis. They then review their own stroking patterns: the strokes that they cherish, those they give, those they reject or those they want.