She gave herself
some very good advice.
(though she very
seldom followed it)

Transformational Coaching

Program Goals

  • Transformational Coaching supports coaches in sharpening their skill through continued learning and practice – developing a nuanced understanding of the dynamics of the interventions that leads to choosing of high impact interventions
  • Covering of the theory through short modules, done telephonically, makes the program flexible and easy for working professionals.

Learning goals
At the end of the program, participants will be able to

  • Deeply understand each of the 11 ICF coaching competencies and recognize how they manifest themselves in coaching conversations
  • Unbundle the skills, and achieve mastery in nuanced skills of coaching through repeated practice
  • Use the coaching competencies in an integrated, intuitive, seamless way in coaching conversations
  • Recognise the need for internal work for coaches and invest in the same

How the program is delivered (Student contact hours)
The program has a combination of telephonic and face-to-face sessions; and has also some time for individual reflection.

Synchronous sessions on the phone 26 hours
Face-to-face coaching labs 32 hours
Reading / Reflection / Journaling 7 hours
Total 65 hours


List of modules

An orientation to coaching and an introduction to the structure of the program 2 hours
Meeting Ethical Guidelines and Professional Standards 2 hours
Establishing the coaching agreement – 1 2 hours
Establishing the coaching agreement – 2 2 hours
Establishing Trust and Intimacy with the Client 2 hours
Coaching Presence 2 hours
Active Listening 2 hours
Powerful Questioning 2 hours
Direct Communication 2 hours
Creating Awareness 2 hours
Designing Actions 2 hours
Planning and Goal Setting 2 hours
Managing progress and accountability 2 hours
Total 26 hours


Coaching Labs
In coaching labs, participants coach one another on real issues and receive feedback from the facilitator. Transformational leadership offers four coaching labs

Dates and locations of when and where the program is to be delivered
Transformational Coaching is offered both as an open program (run by Navgati for anyone who wants to participate in it) and as an in-company program (for a set of leaders in a company).

Every year, a new batch of the open program is launched. For the dates of our next program, please check Upcoming Journeys Upcoming Journeys.