October 30th - 31st

The Navgati Unconference is an unconventional networking event with the objective of promoting learning through authentic personal sharing. The theme of this unconference is “Renewal for Learning Leaders”. The theme emerged in a brainstorming meeting with 15 Learning Leaders in the industry conducted in February this year.

In this unconference, we will ask ourselves important questions that can help us discover the purpose of our work, revitalize our sense of self and bring a refreshed perspective to our leadership of learning. It is more for us to share and learn about what is going on within us, than it is for us to learn about what is going on in our organisations.

What is an unconference?

An unconference is a gathering for learning from others and building new relationships. However, it differs from a conference in that no keynote speakers are invited and no panels are arranged. No separations are made between “speakers” and “audience”. It prioritises conversations and sharing amongst all. It is more open, friendly and fun!

A number of learning leaders told us they disliked conferences because they typically involved selling, awards and meaningless card exchanges. This unconference will replace this with opportunities to network that result in relationships getting built. It is not about experts talking about successes, but all of us talking about us: who we are, how we see our roles and how we could bring more of ourselves into our roles.

Most conferences invite sharing on best practices – what people are “doing”. In our unconference, we invite sharing on who you are – we focus on your “being”.

Why now?

The changes that we have experienced in the last few months have been emotionally demanding. We have been working longer and harder to stay afloat. Many of us may have lost track of time, wondering which day of the week it is. Some of our core assumptions about how we work, play, learn, exercise, shop, and socialise have been challenged. It is in these times that self- renewal is very valuable.

Renewal is the process of connecting with who we are and remembering what inspires or energises us. Reflecting with others leads us to form cohesive bonds, much needed in this period.

The fruits of renewal are infectious. Personal transformation can move successful change through the organization!

Who is a learning leader?

A learning leader is a person who shapes the learning of others as a sponsor, manager, designer or facilitator of learning. The person need not hold a formal role in the learning department.

What is the structure of the unconference ?

We have several interesting reflective sessions planned in the unconference. Here is a sample:

The River of Life:

Drawing your journeys as learning leaders and honouring your innate capacity for self-actualization

So Many Me:

Exploring the psychological roles you most often use in your roles as learning leaders. This session uses psychodrama.

My Misadventures:

Owning our vulnerabilities by sharing stories of failure rather than stories of success.

We end the 1.5 days with an engaging playback theatre performance

What will I walk away with?

We have designed this unconference for you to take a breather from work, let your guard down and be yourself. You will look at your roles from different angles – in ways that perhaps you haven’t looked at before. We are hoping that you have insights that allow you to be a more congruent, authentic learning leader. And of course, you will go back with more friends.

How interactive will it be?

You have to be part of it to experience for yourself how engaging an online session can be. You will see us using art, stories, theatre and small group activities. And yes, all of this will be done online. Constraints inspire creativity!

How do I know if the unconference is for me?

This unconference is for you if you

Enjoy reflecting on yourself and your work

Are eager for authentic sharing and learning around not just successes but also failures

Like simple conversations without jargon

Value building relationships over exchanging cards

Unconference Timings Unconference Fees

October 30th: 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm

October 31st: 9:30 am – 5:00 pm

Early bird: Rs.5000/- plus GST ends October 5th, 2020
Regular fee: Rs.7000/- plus GST