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Public Programs by Navgati in 2020
Area Program Program Focus Target Audience Dates
Coaching Leaders develop leaders An 8-day program spread over 4 months, to equip beginner coaches with the skills and training hours to become an ACC coach with the ICF. People at all levels Batch 1
Month : Date
13th/14th Feb
12th/13th Mar
16th/17th Apr
14th/15th May
Batch 2
13th/14th Aug
10th/11th Sep
8th/9th Oct
5th/6th Nov
Transformational Coaching A 64-hour program for experienced coaches working towards their PCC accreditation. Conducted as a combination of coaching labs, online sessions and mentor coaching. Experienced Coaches June – Sep (dates to be confirmed)
Facilitation Facilitation 101 A 2-day workshop for first time facilitators to learn how to structure content, make learning experiential and manage audience engagement. Optional certification. People Interested in starting the journey in facilitation (Beginner Level) Batch 1
29th/30th Apr
Batch 2
10th/11th Dec
Theatre based facilitation A 2-day workshop for experienced facilitators to use theatre-based techniques in facilitation. Optional certification. Experienced Facilitators ( Intermediate level) Batch 1
18th/19th Mar
Batch 2
1st/2nd Jul
Personal Growth TA 101 A 2-day internationally recognised introductory course to Transactional Analysis People at all levels
Batch 1
21-22nd Feb
Batch 2
17th/18th April
Re-imagine life A Foundation Course In Transactional Analysis People at all levels Starting Jun
Complimentary workshops for the L&D community Fraternitea edition 10 Learning agility All members of the L&D community / business or HR leaders with a passion for learning March 20
Fraternitea edition 11 Compassionate leadership May 22
Fraternitea edition 12 Dealing with defenses Jul 24

For questions and registrations, please reach out to Deepa at deepa@navgati.in or call +91 98459 75790