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Public programs by Navgati in 2023

Area Program Program Focus Target Audience Dates
Coaching Leaders develop leaders A 60 hour program spread over 4 months, to equip beginner coaches with the skills and training hours to become an ACC coach with the ICF. Done virtually at the moment
Please click here for more information and to register for the program https://www.navgati.in/leaders-develop-leaders/
People at all levels

Next batch starting in March 2023

Transformational Coaching A 64-hour program for experienced coaches working towards their PCC accreditation. Conducted as a combination of coaching labs, online sessions and mentor coaching. Experienced Coaches Next batch dates to be announced soon
Women’s Leadership Program Stand Tall Open Program for women in leadership An experiential and impactful leadership program for women from across industries. The program runs over a period of 12 weeks and is structured as an easy-to-attend-for-busy-professionals series of 1/2 day webinars, interspersed with 1:1 coaching and Nudges that invite action on the introspection from the workshop. Please click here for more information and to register for the program, https://www.navgati.in/stand-tall/ Women with more than 10 years of professional experience 4th batch starting in Feb 2023
Personal Growth TA 101

A 2-day internationally recognised introductory course to Transactional Analysis.
Please click here for more information on the program and to register for the program –https://www.navgati.in/transactional-analysis-programs/
People at all levels
date – 22 and 23 Feb 2023
Fraternitea Fraternitea Welcome to the next Fraternitea on November 2nd – where we present to you the ideas of Oliver Burkeman! Four Thousand Weeks is a multi-faceted and entertaining investigation of how we understand our time on this earth and how that understanding affects the way we live our lives.

Register here : https://www.navgati.in/virtual-fraternitea/

Fraternitea is our way of giving back to the learning community that has sustained us for over 22 years. All Fraternitea sessions are complimentary and are focused on enhancing learning for those of us who champion learning (that could be HR, L&D or business leaders). Next batch dates to be announced soon
Leadership development Leading Edge open program for managers An experiential and impactful learning journey on people management skills for managers (experienced/ first time managers/ transitioning from ICs) etc. This program explains in practical terms what leaders need to do to stay focused on their role as leaders, use their authority appropriately, get the best out of their people, keep them motivated and develop them. People managers Next batch dates will be announced soon

For questions and registrations, please reach out to Deepa at deepa@navgati.in or call +91 99459 72052