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Welcome to our August Fraternitea:
Pause, reclaiming the basic human need for rest.

A person who rests, who finds time to put their feet up; lets their mind rest and their hands lie idle. Every Day.

What are your immediate thoughts as you read these lines?

Rest is a basic human need that we are born with. We rested as babies – we were cuddled, rocked, sung to rest. We needed it, we demanded it and we got it. But as we grew up, the way and amount we rested changed. Our relationship with rest itself changed – depending on life situations, it could be seen as a luxury, a weakness, something that needs to be earned, something that you’ll get to at some unspecified point in life.

So, while rest is fundamental to life, the beliefs we’ve built up around it means that many of us are not getting the rest we absolutely need.

Join us for this Fraternitea, as we explore together questions like, ‘How have the last two years impacted my relationship with rest?’ "‘What holds me back from resting?” “Who am I, if I rest?”. You will also be introduced to eight different types of restful practices, ideate strategies, and create an action plan for your commitment to rest.

The session will be anchored by our dearest Meghna Singhee, who is also one of the great advocates of this topic.

Join us for this very interesting session on August 26, 4 pm- 5.30 pm.

If you’re new to Fraternitea, it is our way of giving back to the learning community that has sustained us for over 22 years. All Fraternitea sessions are complimentary and are focused on enhancing learning for those of us who champion learning (that could be HR, L&D or business leaders).

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