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What feelings does the term failure conjure up in you? What words would you associate with it? Think about a recent time when you failed at any task. What were your thoughts at the time?

Do these questions sound odd…or perhaps even uncomfortable to think about?

You’re not alone…failure is often seen culturally as something shameful to be avoided. The reality of our lives though is that failure is inevitable – it’s how we respond to it that determines whether we withdraw and never dare again or continue to engage with life in an open-hearted way.

Interested to know how? Welcome to the Navgati Fraternitea on Rising Strong – changing how we relate to failures.

This short session, based on key concepts from the book of the same name by well-known researcher Brene Brown, is an offering that explores how successful people navigate failure.

In this session, we will together

  • Recognize the value of changing how we relate to failure
  • Learn about the three aspects of navigating failure that make it easier to continue to engage with life in an open-hearted way
  • Connect with the stories we have been telling ourselves about our own failures and evaluate the reality of those assumptions
  • Walk away with a new perspective on failure and hence risk-taking

This session will be anchored by our very dear Meghna Singhee .

Date :30th of August
Timing - 3pm to 5 pm
Location - Virtual

If you’re new to Fraternitea, it is our way of giving back to the learning community that has sustained us for almost 25 years. All Fraternitea sessions are complimentary and are focused on enhancing learning for those of us who champion learning (that could be HR, L&D, or business leaders).

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