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Leadership development programs designed for women

Our women’s leadership development programs help women leaders develop the critical beliefs and skills that are needed to navigate the unique challenges they face. These programs provide a platform for women leaders to think big and act big, through introspection, inquiry and by owning their development. They learn how to more effectively use their own power and importantly leave with a strategy for the future – and a network of women with whom they have strong bonds.

Program name Focus
Stand Tall Helps participants connect with their natural strengths as leaders. It does this by focusing on increasing power and influence through awareness of their own self-sabotaging patterns and development of assertive skills. Duration 4 half days
Be Big This six-month program helps women leaders more effectively use their own power. They learn to craft plans around their ambitions, garner support for themselves, take risks and push back firmly. Blends training, feedback and coaching in a potent way. Duration – an extended program of 4-6 months
Exploring stereotypes about women in mythology Participants dramatically take on roles from women in mythology/fairy tales and re-enact them giving life to their own ideas about empowerment and breaking stereotypes. Drama and play makes it easy for women to explore different ways of being. Duration – half day program
So Many Me A two-day psychodrama workshop on exploring identity. Through a dialogue between their various selves, participants explore roles that give them identity, create new roles and reshape old ones.
Story Circle Participants, seated in a circle, share stories of what it means to them to be a woman in the workplace, what strengths they bring and where they feel challenged. An intimate and energising experience that creates a supportive community of women. Duration Half day program